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Last update 03/08/09

Athletes Village


The Athletes Village will set new standards for sustainable, environmentally sensitive urban living – not just environmentally, but also socially and economically. We want this project to bring real, lasting benefits for local people.

We’re creating a whole new community here. A real place. We’ll design homes, shops and offices (and the spaces between) so it’s easy for people to meet and interact. Homes will be of different types and tenures, so there’ll be a good mix of residents, from families with children and young professionals to older people and those on a low income.

There will also be all the facilities people need for a good quality of life, like the health centre, schools and leisure and communal facilities.

Designed out will be some of the problems that blight older urban areas, like traffic congestion and crime. The Athletes Village will be safe, clean and easy to get around – in five years time, and in fifteen.

Because we want to build connections between the project and those who live here, we’re getting local people actively involved in the design and building process. This will in itself strengthen the community, by getting people together, and getting them talking.

A prosperous community
The Athletes Village has the potential to transform the local economy, including the neighbouring boroughs and the wider east London area. Over the next 15 years, thousands of new jobs will be created, during the first construction phase of the project, throughout the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and beyond.

We want local people to get these jobs, giving them the skills, knowledge and experience they need to earn a living for years to come. We’re investing millions of pounds in education, training and business development and support to make sure Athletes Village can stand on its own two feet

You can read more about this in the Jobs and training and Business sections of the website.

A green community
The development will reinvigorate a disused brownfield site, put public transport before cars and feature large amounts of green space. But the construction work, and the new community that will be created, will bring huge numbers of people into the area – potentially very costly to the environment.

The stakes are high, so we’re aiming high. Athletes Village will be the first large-scale development in the UK to aim for four stars (beyond the EcoHomes ‘excellent’ rating) under the government’s new Code for Sustainable Homes.



As well as meeting the Code’s tough standards on energy, water consumption and environmentally friendly building materials, we will also set ourselves even higher targets across a broad range of areas.

Other buildings, like offices, the health centre and other communal facilities, will aim to achieve high ratings under the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, or BREEAM. The Education campus will lead the way, targeting BREEAM ‘excellent’ standard.

The space between buildings, like streets, roads and parks, will also meet strict environmental standards, from using recycled materials in play equipment and seating to creating dedicated areas designed to attract wildlife.

In practice, this means using energy and water in the most environmentally sensitive way we can, using renewable sources and recycling wherever possible. It means conserving energy and water too, through features like high tech insulation, glazing and ventilation, as well as efficient fixtures and fittings. And it means cutting down on waste, pollution and noise, through good design and new ways of living.


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